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Caleb McCumber

Welcome to my page! 

I began as a hunting guide when I was 12 years old on my father’s operation in south Texas.  It was there I developed a love for sharing the outdoor experiences with other people.  Fast forward to today, and I find myself loving it just as much, except instead of the brush and fields of south Texas, I am on the pristine waters of the Texas coast.  My primary waters are the Matagorda Bay system where I have spent more than the last decade on, but I am experienced from Galveston East Bay  all the way to Port Mansfield.

            Whether it's wading the grass and mud or drifting the middle, I would love to have you along!  Whether you are and experienced fisherman or a beginner, I am able to accommodate! 

            I currently captain a 2019 JH Outlaw 230X with a Yamaha SHO 250.  With this boat, we are able to traverse the shallow waters and back lakes that are so common down here.  I provide Laguna rods with spinning reels when drifting and have equipment available upon request. 

           I specialize in teaching trips with artificial lures and while we all have a lot to learn still, I am more than willing to pass on what I have learned in my time on the water.  Conservation is key, to me, and I greatly encourage a catch, photo, release mentality.  Let's keep fishing great for the generations to come!

            Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!  My phone is always open to you!

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